Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Male Gaze

I got this from Bitch Ph. D.

It's outstanding.

I did some work with this -- the male gaze, dominance issues and that, when I was working on my doctorate -- and got a lot of my worldview shifted at that point. It was still great to see it laid out like this, and I like the points they're making toward the end, about who the real audience is, and the problems with the arguments being made by that gaze.


CB said...

hmm... that's all I can say. I knew from sociology that the media effects our societal views of roles, status, etc. But, hmm....

zelda1 said...

It is sure funny how when men do the same thing women do we freak out and if a woman stood on the side of the street and scractched her private areas and spit, well it would just be gross, but when men do it we just laugh. So, yeah, men can act like the missing link and get by with it and women or girls can act like they are in love and get by with it. Funny.