Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cool Hand Luke

The kid ate, and I am not even kidding, fourteen Easter eggs* today. One after the next.

Just the whites. Not the yolks.

She fed the yolks to Big Dog.

I asked her what she was doing, auditioning for a role in Cool Hand Luke?

*Yes, we dye and hide Easter eggs in the delagar household, even though it makes both mr. delagar and the Baby Moses cry. Also the kid gets a basketful of candy too. Because I reckon we should get our share of every pagan holiday that comes along, that's why.


CB said...

I told my mom that the whole hiding eggs things was not even Christian-- she said she knew that and that Halloween wasn't either but churches do stuff for that. We had a big ol' convo on the whole hypocrisies thing. These folks are missing the point. Guess what I saw today: a family sitting outside, barbaqueing, and drinking beer like it was the Fourth of July-- all in the name of Easter. Something not quite right there, I don't think. Anyways, I wish everyone happy Easter but I don't much celebrate. Actually, I don't--celebrate anything really. Maybe my birthday just cause I'm conceded and I think it's great that I was born. Anywho...

zelda1 said...

OOPs, did the name thing. Okay here goes again. Why didn't you tell me that you let the kid hide and find eggs, I'd taken you, Mr. Delagar, and the kid to my sister's and she could have hunted eggs with my nephews girls. They would have loved having her hunt eggs, sing, and dance. It would have been nice. Next year, that is if I'm talking to my sister, I'll take the Delagars to my schizo family in the lower river valley.