Sunday, December 18, 2005


I have finished grading EVERYTHING and have entered my grades into the school's e-system and so I am, at last, officially done for the semester. This means I have the next four days to do nothing but write. Yay!

I've finished revising the trilogy, essentially -- I'm still reading it to the writing group, and so I'm still messing about with fine-tuning it -- but something odd has happened over the past two days: I've started writing Book Four in the Trilogy. Which makes it Not A Trilogy anymore, I know. Book Four has an actual plot, as well. My books almost never have plots when I start them, though they always have plots when I'm done, so this is an odd an interesting development.

Anyway, given that the kid is in New Orleans, the next four days ought to be blissful.

Given that I don't develop a migraine. Knock wood.


zelda1 said...

I am so glad you are finished with your grading. Read, write, relax, and drink coffee like there will be no tomorrow. I just checked the school's grading place and much to my dismay, I made all B's. This will never do. I will have to improve, but, in my defense, I spent a lot of time studying Latin. I had to, or I would never caught up. So, I am okay with the B's, I guess. Next semester, however, I will make only A's. What happens to graduate students who make B's? Is there a place they put us?

Anonymous said...

Hey, if a four-book trilogy was good enough for Douglas Adams . . .