Monday, December 12, 2005

How I wish

This were not the sad truth:

You cannot reason with people who could give a fuck about being wrong. Reason has been tried. And it has been tried. And it has been tried. And it has been found lacking. This country is not being run by so called “reasonable conservatives.” It is being run by that 43% of the population who actually sincerely believe that there is a fucking war on Christmas being perpetrated by secular liberals. Ponder that. All the nice little bon-mots and civil conversations with your David Brookses and your George Wills are merely self delusion. Pretending it is not so might feel good, but I don’t really think it’s solving anything, or moving your agenda. It’s nice. But it’s not changing minds. Does open mockery change minds? Is that any more effective? Maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

Americans are ignorant and lazy. They do not want to know the facts about anything; they just want to attack "the liberals." Because "the liberals" want to take away their racism, their sexism, their bloodthirst, their patriotism, their "values."

All of which is a joke "The liberals" are busy bashing Howard Dean and trying to get people punished for burning the flag.