Sunday, August 21, 2005

Random Postings

Migraine again. I took the drugs -- Frova and two hits of Naproxam Sodium -- which more or less has worked, except I'm all woggy now and finding it hard to focus well enough to write, or (obviously) spell. So I'm listening to Billy Bragg and cruising the blogs and wishing the fall semester didn't start tomorrow.

Not that I'm not looking forward to my classes -- I am. I always do, and three of them, the Vic Lit, the Diverse Cultures, and the HEL class, look to be plenty of fun. Just that I'd like another week or six to keep slamming through the trilogy. (They have titles now: the first one: Where My Country Lies; the second: The Grail Sunset; the last, The Moonlit Knight. All named from that Genesis song. You know that Genesis song.) I'm about a third of a way into the last novel, which is the most complicated one, and I'd really like to do nothing but write it.

I'd also like to buy this Billy Bragg shirt:

Socialism Of The Heart100 per cent cotton ethical (non-sweatshop labour) T shirt.
Socialism Of The Heart logo in red black and white on front.
Billy Bragg and The Blokes in red lettering on the back.

And wear it around the Fort (as we locals call Fort Smith), except I get enough shit for my WWBD shirt.

Might buy it anyway though.

Today I was wearing my WWBD shirt while I bought gasoline for $2.59 a gallon at the pump and the guy at the facing pump was so annoyed at having to pay that (he was on his way to church in his giant bright yellow SUV) that he spoke to me anyway. "Can you believe this? Need a bankloan to fill up!"

"It's pretty bad," I agreed.

"What are you gone to do, though," he said dolefully, shaking his head. "Gotta have it if you gone to get anywhere!"

"Can't walk," I agreed, wickedly, in my birks and my cargo shorts and my WWBD teeshirt. He cast a suspiscious look upon me. But since I was, after all, engaged in the capitalist act of buying gasoline at the time, he decided I must be serious, so he nodded agreement.

Cost me $33 and change to fill up. Cost him over $70. What's it running y'all out there? And what are we planning to do if it gets much higher? Anyone actually thinking of walking?


zelda1 said...

Yesterday, Mr. Zelda and I filled up the truck. It's a small truck so it ran about 35 bucks. He gripped about the cost and I say you can thank your, he actually voted for him, president for this mess. He says prove it and I say prove it hell. The only time gasoline has ever gone up has been when the republicans were in charge. Then I say, in fact, I might be wrong but the only time war.... he tells me I'm crazy and I say no, I'm liberal. About the walking thing, I would if I could, in fact, riding a bike sounds like the best way to go here but again, I can't so I'll just admire all those healthy individuals who can and do.

Anonymous said...

Me? I sold the car and now I walk. I'd like a bike but it is too dangerous without bike paths and with @$$holes who drive those thinly disguised tanks around town and don't take to sharing the road with folks who aren't living the American Dream: ones who can afford to get 12 miles to the gallon as long as they drive a tank made in Amerika.