Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Links

Watching all the reactionaries scramble to deal with the Alabama ruling has been, what's the word, a mix of depressing and hilarious, delarious? Clearly the leopard wasn't supposed to eat THEIR faces.

They're pro-life except what they mean is pro-what-they-think-is-life

Nazis are welcome, but trans people aren't. Pretty much all you need to know about conservatives in America.

When a culture is actually pro-life and pro-child 

Trans People Don't Exist, So It's Fine to Beat Them to Death in a Bathroom


Jenny F Scientist said...

Turns out "a fertilized egg is just the same as you" flies quite badly even with the average republican.... who would totally get an abortion anyways to save their own life, but really really wants to control other people's bodies.

I'm Jewish, we don't care....

delagar said...

And their kids are totally permitted to get abortions, because that's different.