Friday, June 09, 2023

Good News for my Kid

Maryland has joined 12 other states in declaring itself a sanctuary state for trans people. This is good news for my kid because he has a friend in Maryland he can crash with if he has to flee our benighted state.

In other news, how appalling is it that we have to think this way? That my kid and his fiancé might need to flee their jobs and life because the state will use its power to strip them of necessary medical care? Or worse?

I saw a post somewhere, noting that in ten years conservatives will be lying and claiming they always supported trans people - same as they now lie and claim they have always supported gay people, or marriage equality, or immigration, or interracial marriage. On the one hand, true. On the other hand, from your mouth to God's ear.

Of course, in ten years, if they've stopped being bigots about trans people, they'll have chosen something to be bigots about. Can't live if they don't have some group to hate, after all.

 In other news, if you buy the Pride Storybundle, you can also donate -- at no extra cost! -- to Rainbow Railroad, and help people endangered by state-sponsored violence.

Sanctuary States for Trans People


nicoleandmaggie said...

DC1's underage trans friend is going to Colorado. On the one had, whew. On the other hand, it sucks so much that she has to leave (and her family as well, though her mom is using it as a way to transition to a job where she doesn't have to say no to anybody just because they don't have insurance).

delagar said...

It does suck!