Thursday, August 23, 2018

Being Ill Not for the Weak

The antibiotics the doc put me on seem to be helping, but they have destroyed what little appetite I had left.

This, combined with having to drink first Gatorade and then Pedialyte, which are both really nasty, you will be interested to hear, means I'm having a hard time eating anything, even if it isn't nutritionally dense.

Also, I'm supposed to stay away from nutritionally dense things. "Simple carbs," the doc said. "No fiber. No dairy. Nothing that has a lot of fat. Not much protein. No sugar."

"Okay," I said, thinking through the sorts of things I eat, wondering what that left. "So... like rice?"

"Or mashed potatoes."

I'm thinking whether bagels would be simple carbs. But I've never eaten a bagel without cream cheese or at least butter.


Bardiac said...

Ugh! I'm sorry to hear you've been ill! Don't Gatorade and Pedialyte tend to have a fair bit of sugar? (All the sports stuff I can think of has sugar, though I think some of the Nuun tablets are mostly electrolytes with minimal sugar.)

Feel better quickly!

Athena Andreadis said...

It's a good idea to eat yogurt to keep your intestinal biota into balance. Other than that, bland and soft foods overall, but pay heed to what your tum wants within reason.

delagar said...

AA: Yogurt is one of the few things my belly will accept! It has to be vanilla though.

Bardiac: Gatorade has about half as much sugar as soda, and Pedialyte has some -- not nearly as much. But they both taste equally bad. Nuun tablets look like what I want. Off to Google!