Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The End of January 2018

I can't diagnose exactly why, but this has been a rough month for me.

It's been cold here, but that doesn't usually bother me. I like cold, mostly. But not this month.

I'm teaching a new class. It's not a very "teachy" class, in that the students run it and I just supervise and deal with any administrative details they need help with. But I hate admin work, so.

Also this class is on Mondays, when I usually have a T-Th teaching schedule, so it's disrupted my schedule. All I want out of life is one day after the next with nothing planned. And yet.

Also Jury Duty, which even though I haven't had to report often is still -- also -- disrupting my schedule. I never know, from one week to the next, if I'll have to report or not. Apparently I have a deep need to know what I'll be doing.

Also I'm having trouble writing. I finished the novel, and starting something new is giving me trouble. That problem is not helped by the disruptions in my schedule.

This last is probably the biggest source of all this angst. I'm always moody and cranky when I can't write.

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