Monday, November 13, 2017

Links for your Monday

Due to the good news about the Kid's health, we're spending far less time driving up to Fayetteville. We did go this past weekend, however, because the Kid missed their dog.

Heywood worshiping the Kid

Heywood got many, many walks -- we took him to Wilson Park, as well as Lake Fayetteville. It was an overcast, chilly, windy day. My favorite weather.
The Kid's Uncle Charger met us, and we went to lunch. Then I went to Target while all three of them went to their favorite guitar store. (How did I end up with two musicians?) It was a good day.

Meanwhile, have some links:

The importance and value of dual-language education

Another excellent reason why Trump's wall should not be buily

Religious Conservatives spend half their time insisting that gender is something "real," and innate, rather than a social construction. Then they publish bizarre pieces like this.

I see so many people, even people who should know better, buying into the ridiculous myth of activist students who are out of control. You would think academics who push this silly story would at least know enough to evaluate their sources before they share such obvious nonsense.

Help for anyone -- academic or otherwise -- who needs help evaluating a source

McSweeney's speaks

Speaking of bullshit posts

Kids today

Marty talks to squirrels:

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