Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Suppose I Shouldn't Be Surprised

It is their culture, after all.

Over here at Rod Dreher's blog, he notes the utter disaster that Jindal has left behind him in my home state of Louisiana. The state is looking at a shortfall of over two billion dollars.  This is the worst economic crisis in its history -- at a time when most other states in the union are seeing their economic outlook improve.

Or, I should say, states that had the good sense not to elect GOP governors and Tea-Party legislators are seeing things improve.  States like Kansas, Arkansas, Idaho, and yes, Louisiana all have state governments filled those who adhere to policies endorsed by Ayn Rand and Reagan -- that government solutions don't work and can't work (and if they did work, they'd be evil); that the best way to govern is to get out of the way.

They govern by giving tax breaks to corporations.  By destroying, essentially, the government, and the tax system.

And then those who voted for them are shocked -- shocked! -- when the goods and services that make up their state, the universities, the hospitals, the roads, the flood control, the emergency services, the libraries, when all of these no longer function.

And yet, over at Rod Dreher's blog, both Dreher and those commenting essentially keep saying, Oh, we must not blame Jindal.  Oh, let's not point fingers.  Blaming the GOP won't help!  Let's look forward!

Learn from history?  Look at the evidence and change your worldview?

Why would anyone ever do that?

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