Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dag Nabit

So just over two months ago, I finally paid off all my credit card debt.

Which -- you know -- that had taken me, even with filing bankruptcy, something on the order of twenty-five years.  But it was gone at last, y'all.

Now, this month, a crown (my share, just over five hundred dollars), and this "procedure," as we're calling it, for my ulcer (my share, just over eight hundred dollars) and the car blew a tire, thanks to the charming Fuck Smith roads (that's barely a hit, in the scheme of things, but still, close to a hundred bucks, since we got the oil changed as well).

Much of this I hope to shit I will eventually get back from the fucking HSA account, once the fucking insurance company stops being asshats.

Meanwhile, yeah, I now have credit card debt again.



Fie upon this quiet life! said...

About 8-9 years ago, we took out a personal loan to consolidate credit card debt. It was about 25,000 dollars. While we were paying that off, I ended up adjuncting for a long time, and we built up a bunch more debt. We only just paid off the 25K debt, and still had to go into credit card counseling for all this other debt. It seemed endless. But the good thing is that since we are in card counseling, we don't have any credit cards at the moment. Just a debit card. So long story short, we've learned that we cannot be trusted with credit cards. If we have an emergency, we're just fucked. Fortunately, my mom has been helping with the recent unemployment fiasco. But I was pretty unhappy about having to ask. Those dollars come with fish hooks attached, not just strings.

delagar said...

My credit card debt was over a hundred thousand at one point. But I had to put a ton of medical bills on it when I had cancer. When I had cancer, I was living in one of the many states where hospitals and doctors were allowed to charge interest on what you owed them -- interest to the tune of 27% in one case. At that time, the credit cards were charging less interest.

Arkansas is a state that can't charge interest on your medical debt -- at least -- but what that means now is that many places will refuse to do procedures unless you will agree to pay your share of the bill up front.