Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Why THIS?"

This morning, while all the local Xtians were in church, my kid and I went to the local Supercuts to get Supercuts.

As usual, I got my hair cut back, very short and close (though not the crewcut I am always threatening to get).

My kid, who has the heavy thick curly hair which she inherited half from me (thickness) and half from Dr. Skull (curliness) had a couple inches cut off.  And THEN -- and I watched her dismay as the stylist did it -- the young woman who had been firmly told by my kid just to wash and cut her hair used a hair iron, or whatever those things are called, to straighten all the curl out of my kid's hair.

"Why this?" my kid demanded as we drove home. "Why would she do this?"

"The curl will come back as soon as you wash it," I promised.

"What the -- why would she do it?"

"Most people want the curl taken out," I explained.  "So your hair will look like white girl hair, basically."

"AARGH," she said.  "I like Jew hair!"

"I know, sweetie."

"Now I look like every other standard-issue girl at school!  Plus --"  She ran her hands through her hair, "Plus my hair just feels like nothing!  Like there's nothing there!  WHY THIS!"


Bardiac said...

Well that's just damned rude.

And indeed, why would anyone straighten someone's hair unless they specifically requested it?

delagar said...

That's kind of what we were wondering. Sadly, by the time I noticed what she was doing -- I was getting my hair cut at the same time -- it was too late to say, "WTF? NO!"

Contingent Cassandra said...

That's nuts! And, though fortunately the effects are strictly temporary, something akin to malpractice.

Unknown said...

everyone tries to screw up my curls too... it pisses me off. they are just jealous of the kick ass curls.