Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Raising the Young Artist: New Post at Grounded Parents

I've got a new post up at Grounded Parents.

Advice (such as I have) on the care and feeding of the young artist.  This one comes to you, by the way, via the young artist herself, who suggested it.  "You know what you could write about next," she said, "you could write about what's it's like to be a parent and a writer, and to have an artist for a kid. And the thing with the burritos.  Write about that."

So here it is: Make Her a Damn Burrito.

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krıstın plumlee said...

This is some great advice. This article seems to be very useful to a "nonartist" parent. I get so wrapped up in language tutors and math homework that I haven't really given my son's art the time and encouragement I should. We'll have to correct this in the near future.