Monday, June 16, 2014


The kid and I have been taking our walk just at sunset these days, which means we've been seeing plenty of bunnies.

"Because spring," I explained to her.

"But why?" she wondered.  "Don't rabbits have to eat in the winter and summer too?  Or do they eat later then?"

"No, bunnies are always crepuscular.  It's just that they breed in the spring, so there's a lot of them now.  And, well," I quit talking.

She pondered my silence.  "Oh."

"Yes," I agreed.

Big Dog always walks with us.  He's too old to chase rabbits now, but he quivers when he spots one, and stares after them longingly.  Oh, when I was young and eager, rabbit, he is clearly thinking.  Oh, when I was a young dog!

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dorki said...

Yep - lotta bunnies. Two days ago, I counted four in my back yard. And this is an urban residential lot about 100 feet from a busy 5-lane arterial street.

But none were as a good looking as Mr. Bunzon (RIP).