Sunday, May 04, 2014

New GP Post: Body Issues and Your Child

My new post is up at Grounded Parents.

Do My Knees Look Fat? Or, Body Issues And Your Child.

(Art by the Kid!)


Anonymous said...

You would not believe the number of anxious posts in my blog trawl this morning from moms gaining weight/wanting to lose weight. Including pregnant doctors(!) I mean come ON. The last thing on earth a doctor should be whining about is weight gain during pregnancy. If anything they should be talking about proper nutrition during pregnancy because weight is a pretty sucky measure of nutrition.

Must be swim suit season. (Meanwhile I ponder rash guards and wonder why they don't offer skirts on suits this year...mainly because I hate having to shave in the morning before going swimming.)

delagar said...

I do believe you!

I got all sorts of comments on my FB (where I linked this post) from people saying they agreed, and then going ON to say variations of, "But I'm on a diet just because I want to feel better about myself!" Or " -- feel better about my health!"

When I was pregnant, all my (female) relatives gave me shit about my weight gain. (Which, for the record, was minimal.) Not my doctor. She never said a word. I loved my doctor. But yes: No one should be telling a pregnant woman anything except her doctor, and then only advice about eating balanced meals.

Anonymous said...

#2: everyone on the internet is talking about that video of a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito
#1: huh
did not see it
everybody on my internet is talking about dieting
your internet is more interesting

Anonymous said...

I dunno, there are a lot of lousy doctors out there (as evidence, the crazy guest post on Mothers In Medicine today). Personally I got a lot out of the PCOS forum I was on. Because it's nice to hear what other people's doctors say.

delagar said...

The tiny hamster eating the burrito video cracked me up!