Monday, April 08, 2013

Sure, Margaret Thatcher Should RIP...

...with a stake through her stony black heart.

Look, I'm all for not speaking ill of the dead.  But I've watched over the past decade as the Right-Wing here in AMURICA FUCK YEAH has revised the historical Reagan from what he actually was and what he actually did -- which was fuck our country and our economy and, frankly, the Western World, as far as he was able; which was leave a legacy which is still making 99% of American citizens poorer each year and his buddies at the top more and more and more wealthy each year; which is still destroying the health of most of the citizens in this country and the environment of the entire world -- I've watched the American Right, in one decade, erase what everyone knew about Reagan.

Now, if you ask most people in America, especially the younger people, they tend to believe that Reagan was a great president, a great man, an American hero.

Fuck, we've named an airport after him.  (Iran-Contra?  What's that? S&L Crisis?  Never happened!  Air-Traffic Controllers?  Pssh!  Greedy unions!  And surely we can all agree that the War on Drugs has done so much for America!)

So pardon me if I don't agree to speak nicely of Thatcher.  Yes, let her lie quiet in her grave.

But also: let us not forget.

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