Thursday, January 03, 2013

Crystal Bridges in Winter

We drove up the mountain to Crystal Bridges today, mainly to see this exhibit, lithograph prints through history, which was well worth it.  My favorites were several from the WPA years, deeply political, very lovely.

Can you imagine if Obama paid artists to create political art about striking miners today?  Or prints showing Wall Street bankers as demons devouring the country? Ai.

Yet FDR did it (creating those jobs among hundreds of thousands of other jobs) as part of the New Deal, and there's the art, still on the wall.


dorki said...

If I am ever out that way, I will make a point of seeing Crystal Bridges. It first came to my attention via the CBS "Sunday Morning" show.

Also, the FDR legacy provides wonderful stone cabins (CCC project) at a state park where we vacation often.

delagar said...

Yes! Here too, up at Devil's Den, we have wonderful cabins and trails built by the CCC (though due to lack of funding, the trails are in bad repair these days).