Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why, This Is The Best Idea YET

Making dinner tonight (potato soup), I found myself thinking I should put together a cookbook of these way cheap meals I had learned how to cook: I could call it Meals For Hard Times: When Your Paycheck Runs Out Before The Month Does.

I bet these days I could sell a bundle.

Potatoes were on sale at the Harps this week ten pounds for a buck and a half.  I know all kinds of ways to cook potatoes -- we're set for awhile!

Here's my potato soup recipe, btw.  It's excellent.

Potato Soup

  • One potato per person and one for the pot
  • Two onions
  • Some sort of oil -- bacon fat is great if you have it, but any kind will do
  • Celery if you have it, a carrot if you have it (omit these if you don't!)
  • Salt, pepper
  • Chicken stock if you have it, water if you don't
  • Milk (powdered or canned is fine)

Cut up the onions and cook them in the fat over low heat for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally.  If you'ce got the celery and carrot, cut those up and put them in too.  Use a big stock pot, and enough fat to cover the bottom.

Meanwhile, peel and dice your potatoes.  Once the onions are soft, add chicken stock or water -- four or five cups if you're using four potatoes, more if you're using more.  You can use a mix of stock and water, or just water.  Add the cut up potatoes, add salt and pepper, boil at a simmer for about 20 minutes.

Take out about half and mash up or run through a blender or food processor whatever you have -- you want a smooth puree.  Then stir back into the soup.  Just before you're read to eat, add the milk.  About a cup of milk, more or less -- more if you want more, less if you don't like milk.  You can even leave the milk out entirely if you're really broke.

Serve with whatever bread you have around.  Popovers go good with this, or garlic bread, but toast is fine too!


Anonymous said...

A variation that I find makes the meal even more luxurious: Roast/sautee the potatoes with the onions.

I also like adding rosemary. And thyme if you have it.

An immersion blender makes cream soups a breeze.

My father was a depression baby. I also know a ton of cheap meals. :) (And yes, we have a container of bacon grease in the fridge.)

Anonymous said...

If you grate the carrot and celery, they fall apart in the broth while it cooks and make the flavor richer. My grandparents were depression babies and I was very poor growing up too.

delagar said...

Ooo, I never thought of grating the carrots & onions! Great tip!

I do add rosemary sometimes. Never thought of thyme!

Bacon grease makes everything better.