Monday, June 04, 2012

My Shoulder

I know you've been waiting for an update.

I saw my physician, who I love to pieces, by the way. She's great. She put me through an exam, being very careful with my poor wounded shoulder, and then gently told me we couldn't take a scalpel to the bone spurs this afternoon, which was kind of what I was demanding.

"We need to follow a more conservative path," she said. "We'll try two weeks of steroids and anti-inflammatory medication, and re-evaluate-"


No, not really.

Really I gave her my wide-eyed astounded look and said, appalled, "Two weeks?"

Because, seriously. Two hours more of this and I will be climbing bell towers.

But we compromised. She gave me some nice pain medications and I am going to sob quietly to myself after they run out, which will about six days from now.

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