Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Laundry? What's That?

I am off to Boskone this weekend -- leaving on Thursday, flying all day.

This requires me to do laundry today. Well, only if I actually want to have clean clothing to wear at the convention. Which I suppose I do.

(Picture our house, heaped with piles of undone laundry. Towels, we have managed to keep up with, and dish towels, because those are vital, and usually socks. But jeans? Shirts? We just pull those from the least filthy pile...)

I'm also doing dishes, since it's Valentines and I'm Being Kind To Dr. Skull.

And prepping for Chaucer, some time in here...

All those things I don't usually do (except teh Chaucer) because I am busy being a writer.


Anonymous said...

The alternative to laundry is to buy more clothes, but that's expensive and ultimately just creates a bigger pile. It happens fast too.

Better to suck it up and figure out how to do the minimum necessary number of loads to get through the week. There's a mathematical formula.


delagar said...

Heh! Math for laundry!

I have students who work out formulas for the minimum # of study questions they need to work to get A's on my exams. But who knew there was math for laundry?

Anonymous said...

Math-not my best subject, but you first have to plan your outfits ahead of time so you aren't washing anything extra. Try to plan with some things that are already/still clean.

Take advantage of those washer sheets that suck up color and wash stuff together that would normally result in some color bleeding to combine mediums and darks in one load, wash in cold water. You want 2 piles with only the planned necessities.

Add some white distilled vinegar to the wash cycle and then to the rinse and you can do a minimum # of loads with whites/lights and everything else.


delagar said...

Ha. That is how Plato would do laundry. You should come live at my house.