Monday, April 04, 2011

Update on Wisconsin

Last night as I got ready to brush my teeth I was singing one of the songs from the Wisconsin protests, and the kid said, "What? What? Why are you singing that? I thought they lost!"

 "What?" I broke off singing. "No! Why would you think that?" 

"Because! That Walker! He passed the bill."

 "Yeah, but it was an illegal bill."

 I realized I had not been keeping her up to date, and came out of the bathroom waving my toothbrush. "Judge Sumi enjoined them!" I declared. "And that idiot Walker said nu-uh, he didn't have to! And Sumi said he did too! And now--" 

"So they didn't lose?" 

"And now the protestors are recalling 16 Republican senators! And fighting to get their judge on their Supreme Court! And they're still holding rallies! (Including Zombie rallies). And the Teabaggers are trying to mount counter-rallies, but no one is showing up! And--" 

"Are you saying they didn't lose? Is that--" 

"And Fox News is losing viewers like crazy, but mainstream media still acts like nothing is happening, they're covering Charlie Sheen and shit like that, but out on the blogs it's the Revolution Starts Now --" 

"Are we winning? Are we?" 

"The arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice."


Bardiac said...

I cracked up at the videos of the zombie protests. If nothing else, the Wisconsin protestors this year have shown a well-developed sense of humor (and an amazing ability to withstand cold!).

delagar said...

I loved the zombie protestors too! Especially the I Love Turtles and Teachers Zombie.