Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jobs, jobs, jobs

There's a job in Bangor, Maine, and another in Dickinson, ND, which I am considering applying for.  The Dickinson job looks most attractive, being an actual Creative writing job; but I have always wanted to live in Maine.

Meanwhile, I have spent the day cleaning house, writing, making pies, mowing the lawn, and dealing with my 12 year old and her BFF.  It is 73 degrees and muggy here in Fuck Smith, and no marmalade is available that is not crap marmalade, filled with corn syrup.

I am going to make a rum mojito and sulk.

Tomorrow, y'all.


Karenne Saylor said...

Bangor is wonderful! It's not too far from the Atlantic coast, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. York and Freeport, Maine are especially beautiful... a nice drive from Bangor. However, if you end up moving there, try to get a place that is heated with gas, NOT oil!
If you remember, I owned a house in Northern Maine. The oil bill can run $200.00/mo for 6 months out of the year. Brrr!

Karenne Saylor

dorki said...

I second your opinion on the available marmalade. This in addition to the jelly so filled with pectin the it bounces like a rubber ball. So now I just use some good Neufehatel cheese on my bagels.

Unknown said...

we're looking south... good luck on finding something.

Athena Andreadis said...

Apply for both. It's a good idea to keep in circulation -- if you get an offer, you can parlay for better terms in your present position even if you decide not to take the offer.