Sunday, October 10, 2010

President Does Not Have Unlimited Right to Kill You

Um, Yay ACLU?

As with other Leftist around the 'sphere, I'll mention I'm glad that the ACLU is arguing this case, and at the same time I'll say that, wow: we're really arguing about this one?

Or I would say that, I guess, if I hadn't gone through the past decade, in which I got to watch my fine fellow citizens argue with apparent sincerity that torture was just nifty if we had a good reason to torture, or if we were torturing someone who wasn't an American citizen, or if it was battlefield torture, or if it wasn't "really" torture (I never did parse that one out); where I got told it was fine to attack a country that had not attacked us because "they did it first," or else because attacking the terrorist over there was better than them attacking us here, or because otherwise it showed we hated America; or where slaughtering thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East in order to show that we're tough on terrorism (or something -- if anyone can figure out what that fucking war was or is over, please, please, let me know) is a good and serious and necessary act by a righteous and virtuous and moral country, but building a civic center in NY City is wicked and evil, an act of depravity; or where trying to provide health care for your fellow citizens shows you're the anti-Christ, or maybe Hitler/Stalin in stealth-armor, but robbing senior citizens of their pennies via a gold-marketing scam, why, that makes you a fine upstanding Xtian!


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