Sunday, August 01, 2010


I suppose I can see why social services decided they needed to investigate in this case -- an infant born to two blind parents; maybe I can sort of see that, if I squint and hold my lens at the right angle -- but the way this was handled was just wrong.

Because, you know, investigating is one thing. Yanking custody and refusing to allow the parents to see their newborn for more than a few hours a day a few times a week -- and then only under supervision -- because they're disabled?

Because disabled is what? A crime?
(Edited because, ah! Typos! I should not blog late at night.)


zelda1 said...

This makes me so angry because every woman has problems breast feeding. And, that thing about the lactation nurse seeing milk on the babies nose, well, there was a moment she could have taught and said, sometimes, milk gets on the babies face, so you should feel the nose and make sure there isn't moisture there. This just sounds like an idiotic nurse who thought she could take something from someone. I hope like hell they have a good attorney and go first after the hospital, then the nurse, then the state. Indeed!

delagar said...

That's what I was thinking! Why didn't the nurse just say, hey, you know, you need to be careful not to cover the baby's nose?