Monday, August 11, 2008


Two bits: Billy Bragg has released a new CD, Mr Love & Justice (it's been out since April, that's how out of the loop I am, but I just got it so I'm dancing).

Second, the kid informs me nicknames are no longer allowed.

"You may call me sweetie or pumpkin," she says.  "That's it."


zelda1 said...

Our girl is hitting puberty. Grandson Number One doesn't like me calling him doodle noodle...not around others. However, at home, I can still call him doodles. Funny how the hormones change things. He turned ten this month and I swear he already sweats like a man. He says he has an underarm hair, but when he tried to show me, I didn't see it. Maybe it's blond.

CB said...

What? No nikcnames? My momma has called me puddin' since I was three.