Sunday, March 23, 2008


I realize I have been a very, very bad blogger lately -- Spring Break combined with a wicked cold/flu thing -- but not to worry! Twisty over at IBTP has been blogging BRILLIANTLY

and you can hop over and read what I would have written if I were half as gifted as she is.

Go! I'm serious!

Here, it is all muddle and hammentashen (Purim coincided with that Christian holiday of Easter, so we had nice poppyseed filled cookies, and I also dyed eggs for the kid anyway, b/c why should she not enjoy pagan bits of other culture's holidays, even though this makes mr. delagar squint his eyes up and mutter about cossacks) and me being moody because tomorrow it is back to the classroom and I have yet to finish grading midterms.

Here is a query via the midterms, btw: what do you think -- is it okay to grade down a student just because that student dots her i's with little hearts?

Or am I being sexist?

It's a grim question indeed.


Anonymous said...

Not certain about dotting i's with hearts. But watch out for those who dot their t's and cross their i's!

zelda1 said...

I certainly wasn't ready to get back to school. I, too, have not graded papers or test but am on to it today. We did the egg coloring, egg hunting, and egg tossing too. Okay, I realize that not everyone does the egg toss, but I have boys, lots of boys and when boys get bored, they want to toss things and eggs, especially brilliantly colored eggs, look like balls or close to balls.

One of my pink students also does the hearts over the i and she makes the little squiggley things at the end of her sentences and turned in her paper II in a crazy font with purple paper. I swear. Should I flunk her, I say at least she drops two letter grades for not following directions.

zelda1 said...
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delagar said...

Ever since I had a student turn in a paper once on pink paper with tiny little off-set hearts (just slightly another shade of pink, if you can visualize what I mean) I have made a point of being specific about insisting that MLA format requires WHITE paper and BLACK ink. Then I use that student as an example.

WTF she was thinking I cannot tell you.