Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blogs I Read

This is the intermittent Blogs I Like Post -- feel free to add Blogs You Like in comments!

In no special order, BTW, and this is not by any means all the blogs I like, but --


Sugared Harpy


Edge of the American West


Crooked Timber


Green Gabbro


Language Log

Dr. Helen

Ann Althouse

I read other blogs, but these are the blogs I read every day, and the blogs I use to reach other blogs -- this is my blogosphere.


Bardiac said...

Aww, thanks :) I'm in good company!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm surprised and quite honored. Your post was a highlight to my day. That and when SG was mid-tantrum and slapped Mr. Tonks upside the head. That was damn funny. Oh, and I lurk your blog daily, too. :)

CB said...

I'm very glad you read my blog. I raed yours too...duh, huh.

I think if not for the blogosphere, I would lose one of my mentors! eek!

A fave of mine:

Sugared Harpy said...

I read you, too!

I'm a terrible commenter though, because Blogger and Gmail went all difficult on me and merged. So to comment I have to sign out of my regular email and sign IN to my SH to comment, then sign back out.

I am much, much too lazy person for this apparently.

delagar said...

Comments have gotten too hard! Not on all systems, and blogspot just got easier (yay!) but on some of them. It's why I quit commenting on several blogs, too -- I can't figure out *how*!

zelda1 said...

So, I read yours everyday too. I'm not on your list, but I do read yours and Mouses and Baridacs and link from here to there and back. I'm like you, I can't always figure out how to comment. It's just too hard.