Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is it Fall?

Around fifty degrees today, bright a sunny, leaves all going gold and red -- a bright fall day. Very pretty! Aside from the part about being midway through December, you know, an agreeable bit of weather. I'm enjoying it.

Last night was the first night of Hannukah. We had donuts and potato chips, to fulfill the requirement to eat oily food, and turkey pot-pie, to use up the last of our turkey from TNX. The kid lit the candles and said the blessing. Then she watched the flames dreamily, wondered why fire was so pretty, drew several fine pictures of menorahs, and opened her first present, which was a hardback copy of Blackadder: the Whole Damn Dynasty, which I had gotten off Alibris, and which arrived just in time (in yesterday's mail) and which she loved. She said it was her favorite present ever. (I thought it might be, since she has read the FSPL's copy to shreds.)

Oh yeah, I score big Mama points, me.

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CB said...

Happy Hannukah!