Monday, August 13, 2007

Save Me!

mr. delagar and the kid have discovered a new game, and a new way to drive mama insane.

It's my fault, actually. Last night near bedtime, while the kid was having her I-don't-want-to-go-sleep melt down, I discovered an undone puzzle in one of her magazines. You get a clue, see, and you have to find two rhyming words that fit the clue. Like...overweight feline? Fat cat. Treat at the beach? Sandy candy.

mr. delagar and the kid? They leapt on this. Ddn't have to worry about going to sleep blues anymore! Until one in the morning! I swear! They're trading these thing back and forth!

"Squashed head gear?"

"Flat hat!"

"Dessert in a Penthouse?"

"High pie!"

"Rejected reporter?"

"Despondent correspondent!"

"A poster for keeping record of intestinal mishaps?"

"Fart chart!"

Oh, indeed. It was charming.

And today it continues.

"Someone who harrasses old people?"

"Geezer teaser!"

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