Thursday, April 19, 2007

You Don't Need That

I should not have been shocked, I guess, that our Supreme Court would uphold the ban on the soi-disant "partial-birth" abortian ban (the D&X procedure); and clearly not while admitting that this is the safer procedure; and yet -- and yet --

I suppose it is because I am a deep believer in Enlightenment Values yet. I could not help believing that, even if that idiot Bush had appointed these judges, yet they were judges. They *had* been educated. They *could* reason. Like Plato's philosopher-king, they knew shadow from reality. Fools down in the cave would be swayed by klaxons and shrieks and scary cartoons, but those nine up in the sunlight? Never.

Go on over to Pandagon for more. I'm too sad right now.

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