Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hot Gay Cow Sex

Here's a fine essay about cows over at the Times Online.

My students always get annoyed when I point out that cows enjoy lesbian sex -- this is after they tell me that gay sex is "unnatural" -- but of course, as this article points out, cows do:

Dairy cow herds can also be intensely sexual. Webster describes how the cows become excited when one of the herd comes into heat and start trying to mount her. “Cows look calm, but really they are gay nymphomaniacs,” he said.

And that's because -- d'oh -- no kind of sex is "unnatural," despite what Far-Right Christian patriarchs would like their women and children to believe.

But, reading past that fun paragraph, more things are to be learned in the essay, such as this:

Cows are also capable of feeling strong emotions such as pain, fear and even anxiety — they worry about the future. But if farmers provide the right conditions, they can also feel great happiness.

And that cows gain intellectual pleasure from solving puzzles.

And cows get depressed when they are abused.

And cows and sheep form friendships and make enemies and can recognize their fellow cows and sheep, even months and years later.

All this is data from papers being given at a Compassion in World Farming conference.,,2087-1502933,00.html

I know, I know -- Compassion in Farming -- who needs that?

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zelda1 said...

From what I read over at ABC, cows can be a source of erotic stimuli for straight men too. You know, those wide hips, big brown eyes, soft hide, and don't forget that rack. I mean really, no surgery for those girls. By the way, it is man has relations with cows if you want to read the article. Kind of sick but in a trainwreck watching kindof way.