Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why Prager is Silly

Dennis Prager is at it again.

He's written another sterling column full of uncited claims -- conservative Americans, he claims, give more to charity andvolunteer more of their time than those Evil Liberal Americans do -- and we should believe that this is true because -- because -- well, because Prager says it's true, obviously. He ain't need no stinking sources.

Anyway, that's not his main point. His main point, his thesis, is that Socialism Makes People Worse. Which he knows because (a) some kids in France protested something. Which protesting things is bad. And (b) Liberals are socialists and Liberals are Evil. I think that's his (b) point. It's sort of hard to tell, as usual, with Prager.


Here's my issue. I don't actually think protesting things is among the worst thing humans can do. So I'm not all that convinced that Socialism Makes Things Worse.

I'm thinking that, oh, invading and bombing the living shit out of a country that hadn't actually done anything to you -- for instance -- might be a tad worse. And that columnists who live in glass houses ought to watch where they fling their farking stones.

I'm only saying.

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