Saturday, March 11, 2006

Coulter Tells Lies

Here's a paragraph from Ms. Coulter's latest column, which I am not linking to, because the woman is such a liar I won't give her a link, but you can Google it if you want to read the rest of her evil hateful nasty vile:

The box office numbers for this year's favorite, "Brokeback Mountain," are more jealously guarded than the nuclear codes in the president's black box. Hollywood liberals want the government to release everything we know about al-Zarqawi, but refuse to release the number of people who have seen "Brokeback Mountain."

And here's my question for you: how stupid does this woman think we are?

Well, not us, I suppose. We're not her audience. Conservative idiots are her audience and maybe they are this stupid. All I myself get is EW, which has the box office numbers in that little chart in the back, and I know better than this -- but come on. Refuse to release the number of people who have seen Brokeback Mountain? Not only are they releasing that number daily, it's, like, common knowledge, how many people have seen Brokeback Mountain. For a bit there I was running a fracking tally of the number of people who had seen Brokeback Mountain! I'd check it first thing when I got to school in the morning! I'd come home every afternoon and tell mr delagar about it! I'd email folks the count! People got sick of hearing from me! Refusing to release the number?

And there are folk out there who believe Ms. Anne?

Well, yes. Apparently so.

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zelda1 said...

It is sad that there are people who actually believe that crap. What is really sad is that all a person had to do was go to the theater and see it packed full. Up here, the theater was packed full when I went, when my friends went, and when kids at school went. It's still brining in more than the other movies. Why do they want to make out like people do not like this movie or are not supporting it? What do they gain?