Thursday, March 16, 2006

So you Thought We Were Nuts?

Ha. Don't you wish.

Up there in Missouri, the Republicans are banning birth control.

Yesterday, during debate on HB1010, the budget for the Departments of Health and Mental Health, House Republicans voted to ban county health clinics from providing family planning services.

So the GOP has finally come clean that they are opposed to contraception. They used to argue that they opposed family planning because Planned Parenthood played a role. But now the GOP has targeted family planning provided by the county health clinics. Their action is a direct attack on women's access to traditional family planning services.

The amendment, offered by Rep. Susan Phillips (R-Kansas City) removed "voluntary choice of contraception, including natural family planning" as one of the permissible services that county health clinics could provide with state funding.

And yes, that's Missouri. Not Mississippi, not Bama, not Texas, not even us here in Arkansas, where we ain't smart enough to buy shoes. That's the good folk in Missouri, deciding woman can't have birth control.

So here's my question. How long are we going to keep lying to ourselves about what the Republican's true agenda is?


zelda1 said...

Can you believe it. What idiots! Do they honestly believe that by not giving out birthcontrol, single and poor married women will opt to not have sex? It feels like the early 60s all over. No access will not stop sex. No way.

Mouse said...

EEEEEKKKKKK! that's scary; my god, all the babies to be born and uncared for :(

Don't they get it? If a person wants to get laid, they are going to get laid whether contraceptives are available or not. The least we could do is provide ppl with the shit to protect their shit.

Professor Down the Hall said...

Yikes! I'm from Missouri, and, had it not been for the availability of family planning programs while I was living there and poor as dirt, I would most likely have a dozen kids and be flipping burgers in a hairnet. I guess I got out just in time.

the nut said...

You know what really got my goat was Phillips admitting she was cool with the law bc Missouri Right to Life and the Missouri Catholic Conference backed and supported her. WTF?

Do all citizens of Missouri belong to either of these 2 groups? I don't think so.