Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh, Wonderful

Here, here, here is what Bushco has done to our country:

Hey, who thinks torture is never justified?

Catholics 26%
White Protestant 31%
White evangelical 31%
Secular 41%
Total 32%


Unless -- and this will depress me even more -- unless I can't blame Bush for this one, and Americans even before that little fucker believed in torturing our prisoners.

(You might find it puzzling that more Christians than Secular-humanists believe it's okay to torture folks. That one isn't a puzzler to me. Christians as a whole are (a) into violence porn -- look at that movie they went so hot over last year, that Passion and (b) believe in violence as solution -- look at how many of them think beating their kids is the right response to any sort of misbehavior and (c) espouse a religion that uses, after all, everlasting torture as one of its main tenets. Believe in their god or face ever-lasting torture? Of course (some) Christians think torture is cool. They're all about the torture. Go to half the Baptist churches in the South and have a listen, some Sunday. It's all they talk about.)


zelda1 said...

That was why I quit taking my Seven Year Old grandson to Bible school and Sunday School. He kept telling me these awful stories about lost sheep. Now, he is going with the other grandparents and now he is obsessed with hellfire. He says to me that you have to be good to go to heaven to see jesus or if you aren't good, you will go to the devil where there's fire. I told him about the three little pigs and I said do you believe that the three little pigs really built houses, and he said no, I said if I tell that story to Baby, will he believe that the pigs built houses, and he said, yep, I said well that's what happens, sometimes, people tell stories and other people write them down and other people believe them as truth when they are just stories. I said there is no hell, no devil, and if you are bad, well it's not a good thing to be bad and some bad things can cause you or someone else to hurt, but over all, you won't die and go to hell. Plus if you die, you don't feel anything anyway so if you did go to a place like a burning place, well your body is dead and it would burn all up and you wouldn't feel it anyway. I promise and who makes you catch more fish than anyone. He says, you Nana, and I say, so who do you believe, me or some old man with a white collar, he says, you Nana. I say, all right then. No hell.

And that torture thing, yes, I have talked to many people who think it's okay to torture. I can't believe my ears when they say it, but most people think it's okay to torture prisoners to get information.

CB said...

Just to share:

I had never heard of hell until Sunday school, and I was like maybe ten. Actually, I didn't know about Jesus Christ, and the whole bible thing until I was about ten.

What was I gonna say?

Oh, hell was just a word, torture was something gross and painful, and, frankly, quite interesting to Mom and, I'll admitted it, me--not in a lets hurt people kind of manner, more in a "you see what they did; that's painful; its not right" kinda lesson.

But then again, I wasn't raised with a religion: wasn't raise to believe or not to believe, but merely to be.