Friday, March 31, 2006

The Lord Said to Noah

Okay, so this Dutch guy is building an ark, after dreaming that Holland would flood. He plans to stock it with animals and charge five bucks a pop for folks to visit him -- it's a mini-Ark, mind you, with a petting zoo aboard. Next year he'll build the real ark, the one he stocks with all the animals (two of each, I guess) and sails off across the seven seas with.

I'd file this under ain't that a hoot, except for this one line:

Noah took 100 years to build his ark, but Huibers will finish his smaller version in 12 months.

That's off of the ABC news site.

(a) Printed as though Noah and his ark were fact -- actually ever existed.

(b) Someone go and open Genesis and show me, please, anywhere that it shows in that text -- anywhere! -- a timeline for how long it took Noah to build this mythical ark.

Oh, yes, our leftist media.

Cut me a frakking break.

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