Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good News in the Fort

(1) It's raining again! Rained last week, rained the week before, we've got more rain coming this weekend, if you can believe the weather guys. For the first time in two summers, the grass is green in my yard and along the roads and in the meadows. And little flowers blooming wild everywhere. Redbuds! Clover flowers! Tiny little pink things in the grass! The kid stopped in the middle of our walk to the library yesterday to say to me, "What are those?" Um, flowers... It's so pretty, it brings tears to my eyes. (And you know me, I'm stony-hearted feminist. Nothing makes me cry.) No one is saying so out loud, lest we hex the weather demons, but we're hoping maybe the drought has ended.

(2) Three separate students came to me this week to tell me how easy they were finding this guy Chaucer to read these days. "This middle English isn't so hard." "Hey, how come Chaucer's so easy all of a sudden?" "Is Canterbury Tales just easier than Troilus and Criseyde or did we get better?" Ah, how I love it when students learn.

(3) Not only rain? Bright and cool spring weather. Almost as good as snowy winter weather, for my taste.

(4) I'm writing like a woman possessed again and -- here comes spring break!

(5) The car, which we thought was broken, turned out to be only a little broken. So, while we still need to buy a new one, not just now. Which is good, since we are stony-broke ourselves. (Yes, this qualifies as good news.)

(6) San Antonio, TX, I find, is only 9 hours from the Fort. Also good news, since I'm going to the CEA in April and it's in San Antonio. I'll only have to spend one day driving across Texas. Yay!

(7) As I mentioned in 4, Spring Break!

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