Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh, okay then...

Digby takes advantage of the Ben Domenech fuss to clarify Winger Ethics for us.

It's enlightening.

Domenech believes in epistemic relativism (as well as moral relativism.) He thinks that truth is contingent upon who is delivering it. And he's right as far as the right is concerned. They have proved that they will believe anything if it emanates from the tribe. President Bush believes this. For instance, inspectors and Iraq. You can choose to believe him or you can choose to believe what you saw and heard and remember in acute detail, which was that inspectors were in Iraq before the invasion and found nothing at which point Bush pulled them out and invaded --- an act he now says was precipitated by Saddam's refusal to accept inspections. Anyone who sees this differently is a partisan leftist. As Rob Corddry sagely observed, "the fact's are biased."

There's more, including quotations from Plagiarist Ben.

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