Sunday, March 19, 2006

I Get Mouth From the Kid

We're on our walk, over the Interstate Overpass, down by what I call the creek -- it's actuall more like a storm drain, but it collects rocks and pebbles at this bit where it curves, and I like to take the kid there so I can mess around in the rocks.

Me: Look here. I think this one's granite.

The kid: (out poking in the water): Oh, you think everything's granite.

Did I mention she's seven?


zelda1 said...

Isn't that how we want her, I mean, speaking her mind without reprissal. or is it reprisal? Or reprissel. oh shit, you know what I mean.

delagar said...

Oh, totally. I love it when she gives me mouth.

And she was right, by the way. My scientist friend (Mr. Other Liberal Professor) says it's not granite; he says it's limestone.

Mouse said...

Haha, I love the kid. She's great!