Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Rude One Speaks

The Rude One is right again.

Dan Savage is right - it ain't just about icky queer fucking. It's all the icky fuckin', man. It's any sense that joy can be achieved on one's knees without prayer. It's the fear that the release of cock and cunt will lead to the release of the mind, for, indeed, if one can achieve bliss through the body, what other bliss might be possible? What other release?

I'm studying this C. S. Lewis -- and frankly, this C. S. Lewis is giving me such heebies that I would not wish his ass on anyone -- and this is utterly the mindset of a certain sort of human that Lewis might be the archetype for: the person who distrusts human love, all human love, maybe even all human feeling. So, therefore, all human feeling, for this sort of person, human passion, human emotion, human feeling must be contained, trapped, killed, as much as possible -- by law, by ceremony, by marriage, by calling it evil, by saying the devil owns it, by whatever means.

Listen to this -- also from the Rude Pundit's post. It's from a Mississippi Law: "A person commits the offense of distributing unlawful sexual devices when he knowingly sells, advertises, publishes or exhibits to any person any three-dimensional device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs, or offers to do so, or possesses such devices with the intent to do so."

"Unlawful sexual devices"? UNLAWFUL SEXUAL DEVICES?

Why, why, why would these twisted loons want to make sexual devices unlawful? What sort of mind do you have to have to think that things that help folks enjoy sex should be unlawful?

I am dizzy with amazement that these people exist.

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zelda1 said...

Apparently these folks are not familiar with Cautullus or Petronius. I mean, I dind't know that the use of a dildo occured back in those far away days. But yes, yes, they did and it was okay to talk about it, and to write about it, and then we come to America, so many centuries later and they make pleasure a crime. And if you notice those devices are devices that a woman would use not a man, so they are saying if a dick can do it, then it can't be done. What arses.