Tuesday, March 14, 2006


If you want to know what academics do for fun, this is it:


(I'll tell you you what -- it makes me consider something I've never considered before. What if Plato was just fucking kidding? What if all the Dialogues are just, like, really dry Monty Python routines? Wouldn't that be a hoot?)

(Via my hero, Dr. Bitch:


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zelda1 said...

The biology is interesting, yep it is. I remember in one of microbiology classes that I was taking for a science degree, we had to take dried cow shit and break in down into seperate components. EVeryone was so grossed out, not me, I grew up turning cowpaddies over looking for grubs. Yep, and have stepped in a pile of cow shit numerous times. Dried cow shit, just grass, that's all. Now, when they tried to make us do dog shit, I protested. No fucking way.