Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fort of Affliction

Passover approaches, the season when, here in the Fort, we invite our non-Jewish friends to our Seder and make them eat the bread of affliction with us. It's always big fun, and this year we've got both Miles and Mick -- Mick has just turned one and it turns out he loves Matzoh -- to afflict.

Anyway, in order to have our big fun at Passover, with the Other Liberal Professor's family, and Zelda's family, and maybe I can talk Mouse and Dragonfly in coming over to be afflicted too this year, we have to find some bread of affliction first.

This is a problem in the Fort. The Fort sells no KFP supplies. We can order some online, but yikes does that get pricey.

We're going to San Antonio on the 5th of April, just before we get Afflicted. Anyone know if San Antonio has a sizeable Jewish community? Will we be able to get Passover supplies there?

I mean, I know it's in Texas, but still...


Cynthia said...

Try the HEB grocery store. Ours (College Station) carries quite a selection of kosher products. Be sure you go to one of the larger stores, not an HEB Pantry. Enjoy your afflictions!

delagar said...