Saturday, March 25, 2006

So we're wandering around....

So we're wandering around Linens'n'Things, the Kid & I, looking for a bin to keep sugar in.

"I need a bin," I told her. "A nice bin."

"A bim?" she says. "Why would you keep sugar in a bim?"

"I said bin."

"A tin? These are glass."

"A bin."

"In what?"

I give her a narrow look. She looks innocently back.

"Are you messing with me?" I demand.

"How could I dress you?" she replies, and begins giggling wildly.

"Oh, very funny," I say. "Very, very funny. " I turn a corner, heading down another aisle. "Keep up, you don't want to get lost in here."

"I'm not from Boston!" she shouts after me.

This is what you get when you torment them from an early age.


zelda1 said...

That child is precious. Boston indeed. I knew it, I knew she was going to have comedy.

zelda1 said...

Oh, by the way, she gets her comedy from her Aunt Zelda.

Mouse said...