Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Grading Midterms

And it's way depressing.

I always hate exams. Why haven't these students learned what I was teaching? Why am I not a better teacher? What is the point of anything?

All that.


zelda1 said...

Surely you know the odds. That a few will not get it, a few will not want to get it, and then there are those who get it and love it and will remember it always, those are why you are doing it. Right?

CB said...

it's not you. its the damn tests. We know the stuff you teach; we utilize it in our other classes, but we are English majors and we don't want to test; we want to write; it's what we will be doing in the future, not tests. We, honestly, don't have time to prepare for test and to write the papers-- we are more interested in the papers anyways. Well, at least, that's my problem with test. The only part I like about them are the essay parts. :/