Wednesday, March 02, 2005

You Lie Down With Dogs, Matt...

Over here on his blog, Matt Margolis is wondering wistfully whether it wouldn't be too much to ask the Far-Right Christians to stop equating "God" with "Christ," and pointing out, you know, that some of them Conservatives are Jews too, you know!

So why isn’t it called ChristianBloggerCon or ChristBlogCon or some variation thereof? As a conservative Jewish blogger, I find it troubling that conservatives have trademarked “God” as Christian.

Sorry, Matt. Despite all the sterling work Dennis Prager has done for you guys, Conservative Christians just aren't buying it. You can claim validity for your religion all you want, but as Jen Shroder has pointed out, [Their] God only accepts one true religion, and Judaism ain't it.

Sorry, dude.

Here's a tip. Maybe you should consider hanging out with a more reasonable class of people next time.

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