Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Trouble With Reality

Jack has a good post about trying to reason with Rush's ditto-heads when all we have on our side is reason and logic and reality...

I'm not nearly as convinced as one of Jack's commenter's is that we will triumph in the end. I know too many of Rush's ditto-boys. They're too hooked on the story of themselves as the victims, and too wild with delight at being given permission (by Rush and now by Bushco) to set their hatred free -- convincing them that their hatred is neither justified nor helpful, and they are not, in fact, the victims in this country: whose voice is powerful enough to do that?

I don't see anyone around at the moment who can do it.

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Diane said...

Ronald Reagan, a racist, misogynist, imperialistic thug is considered a god in America. I think that says it all. Nothing is going to change.