Monday, March 21, 2005

And this is kind of upsetting

Especially a couple of the comments, which are of the order you would expect.

Basically it's a post that notes we are now up to 108 prisoners dead in captivity in the Iraqi war, most of them due to violent causes -- charming, yes? -- whereas the North Vietnamese, those evil bastards, only killed 114 of our boys when they were holding them prisoner and torturing them in their hideous evil prison camps, and, oh, yeah, just what has America become?

Commenters try to argue this away with math, and with claiming it's different because Iraqis are e-e-e-vil, and various other ways.

I remain horrified and shaken.

Bushco is destroying my country. They might have destroyed it already. They're up there in D.C. pretending to care about a woman whose brain is gone, pretending to care whether it matters whether a dead woman keeps breathing, while meanwhile they have bombed a country to pieces, killed thousands of its citizins, tortured 108 of its people to death while they were prisoners, while they were our custody, and meanwhile, meanwhile at the same time they are bent on passing a bankruptcy bill that will make large chunks of the population serfs to credit card companies, destroying social security, undermining the press (see this one: )

and destroying the environment.

Horowitz out to wreck the universities. The Far-Right Fundies are after the science museums. Legislators all over the country are after not just abortion or sex education but birth control.

I knew it was going to be bad when King George won a second term, but Good Lord.

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zelda1 said...

It's really really sad that while the bushwacker doesn't care about the children in Iraq or the innocents he is responsible for killing every day he acts so concerned over a brain dead woman whose care should have been left with the family and the doctors who know what her brain looks like and how it functions. His only interest in that case is that it gives him a look of humanity to the fundies. His attempt to play god made me sick. He can't even read the newspaper how dare he try to read an EEG and decide if a brain is active or dead. What a dick.