Saturday, March 19, 2005

Oral Sex is Okay With Bush!

Okay, not only does abstinence-only sex ed not work, it actually makes things worse.

These programs encourage little girls to swear they will stay virgins.

Little girls define that as not having vaginal sex.

So what kind of sex do the girls have, then, as they grow up and meet guys and start having to deal with bodies that want to have sex?

Well, they have anal sex, and oral sex.

And, because the only kind of sex ed they have ever had is the kind that teaches them that no kind of protection works, ever, well, they just don’t use any kind of protection while they’re engaging in this very risky sexual behavior to protect their “virginity.”

In fact, "kids who are trying to preserve their technical virginity are, in some cases, engaging in much riskier behavior," said lead author Peter S. Bearman, a professor at Columbia's Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy. "From a public health point of view, an abstinence movement that encourages no vaginal sex may inadvertently encourage other forms of alternative sex that are at higher risk of STDs."


Just 2 percent of youth who never took a pledge said they had had anal or oral sex but not intercourse, compared with 13 percent of "consistent pledgers."

Debate on Abstinence

The report sparked an immediate, bitter debate over the wisdom of teaching premarital abstinence.
Deborah Roffman, an educator and author of "Sex and Sensibility: The Thinking Parent's Guide to Talking Sense About Sex," said youths who take virginity pledges are often undereducated about sexual health.

"Kids who are engaging in oral sex or anal sex will tell you they are practicing abstinence because they haven't had 'real sex' yet," she said.


Bill Smith, public policy vice president for the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, said, "Not only do virginity pledges not work to keep our young people safe, they are causing harm by undermining condom use, contraception and medical treatment."

Conservative academics said the paper overlooked earlier important findings about adolescents who take virginity pledges, most notably that they have fewer pregnancies and out-of-wedlock births.

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And what is Bush’s reaction to this news? Why, he’s giving another $206 million in federal funding to abstinence-only funding, of course! A program that doesn’t work, that supports Red-State values? That encourages young girls to have more oral sex? Why wouldn’t he support it?

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zelda1 said...

This is so weird that you would blog on this subject. I have a friend whose daughter is thirteen and my friend snooped in her daughter's diary and found out that her little princess has been doing the oral sex thing to boys as old as eighteen because after all oral sex isn't sex. My friend was livid, she called me crying her eyes out. I told her to take her daughter in for an aids test because you can get aids that way. The little girl, and I say little girl because she is, now knows that blowjobs are sex as are handjobs, anal sex, and any other thing that gratifies on or more partners. YUCK, I say.