Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mission Accomplished!

It's official.

1500 American Soliders dead so far.

Who knows how many Iraqis, because we aren't counting, because they don't count, and we don't care.

I posted this over on Infinite Stitch, but one of my students came in today telling me how shocked she was to see in a presentation that Iraqi children actually looked well-fed, well-dressed, normal --

She expected them to look ragged and poor, you understand.

We've been fed (by Faux News, by Rush, by the rest of the liars) this idea that Iraq is or was a disaster area, that it was a third world country, that it needed us to save it -- well, it's been saved, all right. We've saved the hell out of it.

Go have a look at these photos and see what a good job we've done:

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